The Ministry of Education and Culture provides multiple supports to the development of dancing in Cyprus through various activities, events and programs.


The basic objectives of the development policy of the Cultural Services in the field of dancing are the following: (a) supporting research and artistic creativity by encouraging both collective and individual initiative; (b) increasing the interest of the society in dancing through proper education and information; (c) promoting the training of young people on classical and modern dancing; (d) promoting arts and artists from Cyprus abroad; and (e) promoting exchanges, contacts and cooperation of Cypriot artists with their colleagues from other countries. These objectives are achieving by supporting organizations and individuals who are involved in the field of dancing and develop activities by means of sponsorships.


Two of the most important institutions organized by the Cultural Services in the dance field are: a) the “Dance Platform”, which is held every March and provides the opportunity to Cypriot choreographers to present, in an organized framework, their creative work and choreography in the field of contemporary dancing and, b) the Cyprus European Dance Festival, which is held every June in cooperation with the embassies of the participating counties. The aim of the Festival is the better informing of the public regarding the contemporary dancing in Europe.


The Ministry of Education and Culture subsidizes and supports major events, like the Summer Dance Festival of the New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers of Cyprus, as well as the Pancyprian Ballet Competition that is held annually by the Cyprus Dance Association. Additionally, since 2008 the Ministry of Education and Culture has established the Program for the Enhancement of Creativity and Research in the Field of Dancing – Terpsichore that aims at the support of choreographers in making new productions and carrying out research in the field of modern dance.