Flag and Emblem

The Flag


The flag of the Republic of Cyprus was defined in 1960, when Cyprus became an independent sovereign state.


The background is white with a copper-coloured silhouette of the map of Cyprus in the centre of the flag above two crossed olive-green-coloured olive branches. The copper colour has a dual symbolism: first, the name of the island is said to derive from an ancient word for copper (Eteocypriot or Sumerian); and second, copper is closely associated with Cyprus since antiquity when the island became a major producer and supplier of this mineral resource. The olive branches are symbols of peace.


The Emblem


The emblem of the Republic of Cyprus depicts a white dove carrying an olive branch in its beak and placed inside a shield in the colour of copper, a metal directly related to Cyprus since ancient times.


The year of the independence of Cyprus, 1960, also in white, appears underneath the dove; the shield is braced by two olive-green-coloured olive branches, which along with the white dove constitute symbols of peace.