General Information

Mass media began to be developed in Cyprus after the arrival of the British to the island in 1878, when freedom of expression was first allowed albeit on a limited basis.  Before 1878, due to the long and oppressive Ottoman administration, the circulation of newspapers was unheard of.


The first Cypriot newspaper circulated on 29 August 1878 under the name “Cyprus” (Kypros). It was published both in Greek and English.  The first Turkish newspaper circulated on 11 July 1889 under the name “Sadet” (Hope).


After independence in 1960 there was a revolution in matters of mass media communication. In parallel to the press, the Cypriot radio and television channels began to develop.  However, 30 years went by before the first independent radio and television channels began their operation in the early 1990s. Up to that time, the only radio and TV channels operating were the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) – Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) channels.