The primary objective of the Ministry of Health is to promote the health of the whole population and the provision of enhanced quality of health care, controlling costs while respecting the rights and personality of the patient. Moreover, the continuous development of policies and strategies aiming at the optimal use of the capacity of the public and private sector, by introducing the appropriate innovative changes and reforms in the field of health.


The main pillars of the Ministry of Health’s current strategy are reforms of the health sector aiming to increase efficiency and productivity of the provided services, as well as the introduction of a National Health Insurance System. Furthermore, the prevention and early treatment of emerging and reemerging health threats, as well as maximizing satisfaction of patients / service users. Lastly, the fulfillment of Cyprus’ obligations as a member state of the European Union, the World Health Organization and other international organizations in terms of addressing international issues such as the prevention of pandemics and the movement of health professionals and patients, which require international cooperation, information sharing and mutual assistance.


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1 Prodromou & Chilonos Street 17
1448 Nicosia, Cyprus
Call Center: 00357 22 605 300/301
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