International Co-operation

United Nations Conventions on Terrorism


The Republic of Cyprus is a contracting party to the thirteen international conventions and protocols on terrorism. It has recently ratified the International Convention on the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism and supports the conclusion of the negotiations and the adoption of the Comprehensive Convention Against International Terrorism.


Cyprus is fully committed to the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1373(2001) in countering terrorism and regularly submits to the relevant Council Committees its Reports on the Measures taken to Combat Terrorism.


Further proof of Cyprus’ commitment in the fight against terrorism has been the country’s decision to join in June of 2007 the Global Initiative to Combat Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, initiated by Russia and the USA.


Measures in the European Union 


Cyprus supports the EU priorities on combating terrorism and the objectives of the Counter-Terrorism Strategy, e.g. to prevent radicalization and terrorism recruitment, protect citizens and infrastructure, disrupt existing networks and improve the response to terrorist attacks.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (