Recreation Facilities in Forest Areas

The Department of Forests allocates a great part of its resources to the creation, improvement and expansion of picnic and camping sites for the public, as well as to the establishment, development and maintenance of National Forest Parks within the state forest.


Recreation facilities such as picnic and camping sites, nature trails, viewpoints, bicycle paths, botanical centers and gardens are improved. Within the area of the state forests there are 45 picnic sites managed by the Department of Forests with a total capacity of 23,000 persons. They provide all the basic facilities for daily excursions like barbeques, potable water, tables and latrines. All the sites provide facilities for wheelchair users. Five camping sites with a total capacity for 2,400 persons are situated within the state forests. Three of them are managed by the Department of Forests, while the other two by other agencies.


Nature Trails

Seventy-four nature trails have been established in various parts of the Cyprus forests such as Akamas, Pafos, Troodos, Lemesos (Limassol), Adelfi, Macheras, and Kavo Greko. Nature trails attract many walkers both from Cyprus and abroad, giving them the opportunity to study the flora and geology of Cyprus and enjoy its environment and scenery.


Visitor Centres

Three Visitor Centres have been constructed, one at the Troodos National Forest Park (Troodos Square) in 2002, the other one at Athalassa National Forest Park in 2004 and a third one at Kavo Greko National Forest Park in 2012. Their purpose has a recreational, educational, training and informative character giving emphasis to the local environment. In September 2008, the visitor centre at Athalassa National Forest Park was upgraded to an Environment Educational Centre and a teacher was appointed there, while in 2013 a Park for Domestic animals has been established as part of the Centre too. Furthermore, three botanical gardens (Athalassa, Amiantos mine area and Aphrodite’s baths in Akamas forest) have been established by the Department of Forests.