Visual Arts

The main objectives in the field of Visual Arts are the development, mobility and promotion of contemporary artistic production, as well as the fostering of education, social awareness and civic participation in artistic life, in Cyprus and beyond. In this context, the Cultural Services subsidise various categories of activities, promoted by individuals and organizations.


Concerning organisations, the aim is to provide the right incentives for the systematic development and planning of their programme of activities on an annual basis; in relation to individuals, this policy seeks to encourage artistic activity and research, as well as to promote the mobility of artists and artworks abroad.


For the promotion of contemporary art production from Cyprus abroad, the Cultural Services organise exhibitions, they subsidise the participation of artists in international events, group shows and artist residencies, they support solo exhibitions of Cypriot artists in major museums, art centres and galleries, etc.. Cyprus participates in events like the Triennale of New Delhi, the Cairo Biennale, the Venice Biennale, the Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries, the European Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, the Sao Paulo Biennial (individual participation) etc..


Within Cyprus, the Chamber of Fine Arts and other collective visual arts bodies, important Foundations and Art Centres, significant collective artistic initiatives, as well as associations of amateur and self-taught artists, receive annual funding.


The Cultural Services are responsible for the management of the State Gallery of Cypriot Contemporary Art, which houses the State Collection on a permanent basis. The Gallery exhibits a number of works from the Collection, maintains a library and an artist archive, and hosts educational programs for students of Primary Education. With the view to encourage artistic creation, enrich the State Collection and provide a representative documentation of the evolutionary course of art in Cyprus, there is a policy for the acquisition of artworks, which is based on the recommendations of an independent Advisory Committee for Acquisitions.


Based on the Act [N. 57(I)/2009] for Statutory Minimum Percentage for the Enrichment of Public Buildings with Works of Art (Procedures and Responsibilities), each government agency (including public entities) has the responsibility for promoting a public tender for the enrichment of a public building with works of art. The Cultural Services oversee the implementation of this regulation, maintaining records of both Buildings and Artworks.


Furthermore, based on Act [N.79 (I)/2006] for the Control of the Construction and Installation of Monuments in Open Spaces, the Cultural Services head the Committee of Monuments, which is composed by independent experts and advises on the construction and installation of monuments in open spaces, public or private.